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Is corporate knowledge loss costing your organization millions each year?

ROCK drives innovation, efficiency and cost savings by capturing and sharing your organization's critical expertise before key leaders and employees retire or take it to the competition.

Corporate knowledge is a vital source of competitive advantage and the foundation of effective Emiratization. With as much as 90 percent of critical know-how held in the minds of key employees, forward thinking organizations extract and protect this valuable asset before it's too late.

Prose Solutions' Retention of Critical Knowledge (ROCK) service helps you build a dynamic, easy-to-use knowledge resource to:

  • Ensure business continuity by safeguarding organizational know-how
  • Fast-track Emiratization & new employee induction
  • Create a foundation for continuous improvement, training & innovation
  • Enhance employee productivity & engagement
  • Increase profitability & slash costs

Our team combines deep expertise in Knowledge Management, Technology, Design, Social Collaboration, Talent Management, Strategy Consulting and Internal Communications to develop bespoke solutions designed to identify and eliminate the critical knowledge risks facing your organization.

Contact Prose Solutions today to safeguard your organization's critical knowledge for a fraction of the cost of letting it walk out the door.

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